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A huge number of households are struggling every single day with past-due loans, utility bills, and credit card debts. When balances carry over in a month-to-month fashion, they tend to become unmanageable.

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The average consumer has almost $7,000 in revolving balances from credit cards and American families are struggling to pay their creditors.

When you begin to factor in auto loans, student loans, and mortgages, it is possible for the average American to carry over $135,000 in debt.

The Certified Debt Specialists at Optimal Debt Solutions fully know and understand the frustrations and struggles of carrying debt. We can help you achieve the new life you desire by evaluating your debt and placing you on the road to financial recovery. We are committed to ensuring that the residents of Dungannon are able to live the best life possible.

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Money Management with Debt Consolidation

It can be overwhelming to try to manage all of the bills you receive on a monthly basis. This can prove to be difficult if you have a number of credit cards that all have different payment schedules. Once you add in rent, mortgage, living expenses, utilities, and other bills, it becomes a downright struggle.

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Debt consolidation is a method that places all of the debts into one simple loan. This helps to take many mountains and create one mountain that seems more manageable. In many cases, when debts are consolidated, they involve lower interest rates and payments. Many consumers take advantage of Dungannon debt consolidation as an easier way to manage multiple debts.

Debt consolidation begins with a new loan that will allow you to take care of all your debts in one place. Some people will consolidate many credit cards into one new credit card or take advantage of a credit card that offers a balance transfer. While some people will try to obtain a loan from a credit union, bank, or online lender, which all in many cases will require some form of collateral.

By simplifying how your bills are paid monthly, it can make things more manageable. It is possible to make one payment on a monthly basis as opposed to juggling multiple payment dates throughout the month to many different creditors.

At Optimal Debt Solutions, we have a number of different solutions to Dungannon debt consolidation that can help avoid taking out more loans. We will work directly with your creditors to settle and negotiate reduced amounts; this will help you save time and money.

Optimal Debt Solutions‘s goal is to ensure that our clients have the proper resources and tools to achieve the financial freedom they have been searching for. If you are searching to gain control of your finances, please feel free to get in contact with one of our Dungannon Certified Debt Specialists, who will create a strategy that will give you the chance to pay your debts off in the quickest way possible.

Debt Settlement vs. Consolidation

Obtaining freedom from your debt will depend heavily upon your choice of a debt management program. There are several strategies that are available to help pay your debt off, and we have many years of experience and studies to back up that debt settlement is one of the best ways to obtain financial freedom.

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While debt consolidation is not a bad choice, it is not going to reduce your debt. You are going to pay the same amount you always owed; there are no terms that have been negotiated. The only way to decrease your days in debt is to pay off a larger monthly payment.

Additionally, you are going to be forced to spend two to five years in a Dungannon debt consolidation program in an effort to fully remove your debt. This is as long as you do not gain any additional debt in the process. This new loan is simply going to leave you with a new obligation that is no different from your previous debts.

Debt settlement will offer a much better option to fully pay your debts off. Credit counseling organizations like Optimal Debt Solutions will work with you to help you realize your spending habits and current debts. Our team of debt specialists will work with you to help you create a budget that is going to help you make all of your payments in a timely manner.

Additionally, the process of a debt settlement will allow you the opportunity to reduce your payment owed by up to 50%. It is also possible to reduce the number of payments to make it more manageable; this is especially true if you are trying to pay off your debts immediately.

Please contact the team at Optimal Debt Solutions if you are trying to get on the road to financial recovery. We truly care about the financial freedom of our clients. We have multiple years of experience as a solid debt relief program to ensure you are in capable hands.

Take Control Of Your Finances

Debt Settlement Experts

It may be quite hard to believe, but the journey to financial freedom just became a whole lot easier! Optimal Debt Solutions knows that it can be very stressful trying to pay off past debts. We have made the entire process easy through a number of simple steps.

You will begin with a no-cost evaluation with one of our Certified Debt Specialists. During this time, we will discuss your current financial situation as well as your debts and payments. Additionally, we will gain a better insight into what you can pay and the savings we can pass on to you.

We will create a personal debt reduction program that is going to work for your specific needs. Our expert team will discuss a number of strategies to help you start with a financial management program and monitor your debt resolution plan. We feature a user-friendly portal that is going to give you the opportunity to access your program anytime you desire. We have multiple debt resources to help you throughout the process. It is possible to contact your debt reduction specialist in one particular location.

We will begin the process of negotiating and settling your debt once we have a solid foundation and strategy in place. We will contact your creditors on your behalf to offer the best chance of reducing your debt. Additionally, we understand a number of organizations and how they specifically handle debt, which allows us to negotiate better.

Throughout the entire process, you will have access to the online client portal. You can get in touch with the debt settlement expert and have all of your questions answered and move to a debt-free life. We have multiple tools and resources that are going to help reduce the number of times you hear from creditors.

If you are ready to take the first step to regain control of your debt, contact Optimal Debt Solutions to learn about the best strategy for your situation.

Dungannon Debt Settlement Company

Dungannon Debt Consolidation Company optimal logoOur Dungannon debt settlement professionals are ready to start working for you today! If you have issues paying your bills on time, lost income, or fear that there’s not much more you can handle, we can help you.

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